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Professional Computer Solutions [PCS] is a Software Development Business owned and operated by James E. Crowell. PCS was established as a sole proprietorship in January of 1993.

PCS is a service organization, which specializes in Productivity Enhancement Tools and Systems [PETS]for small businesses. Since it's inception, PCS has performed the following services:

Table of Professional Computer Solutions Services:
Novel and Lantastic Local Area Networks FoxPro Data Base Management Systems
Backup Systems Data Recovery Operations
PC Custom System Production PC Repair Services
Web Page Authoring Java Software Development
Visual Basic for Applications [VBA] Template / Macro Development.


Over the last several years, Professional Computer Solutions [PCS] has been working primarily on a Java Stand Alone Application [Survivors List PLUS] and a Java Form Generator Software Development Tool Kit [jFormTK]. Other than some maintenance work for the existing customer base, the only additional work has been the Design, Development and Implementation of a Word 97 Visual Basic for Application [VBA] Template Set [VBA Templates].

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